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Large Breed Dog Puppy Coat for Winter
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Poshi Puppy Perfect Winter Set

Large Breed Dog Puppy Coat for Winter

Poshi Puppy Perfect Winter Set

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Product Details
Sizing Chart Sizing Instructions

Product Summary

A high quality camo fleece neck warmer & an insulated waterproof winter dog coat will keep your pup protected all season long!  This TWO PIECE SET features a versatile fit accommodating small dogs as well as larger breed PUPPIES! 

Product Details

A high quality camo fleece neck warmer & an insulated waterproof winter dog coat will keep your pup protected all season long!  This TWO PIECE SET features a versatile fit accommodating small dogs as well as larger breed PUPPIES!

Product Uses

A warm cozy camo fleece neck warmer coupled with our insulated waterproof winter coat with easy on & off designs for when you are on the GO!  The coat's outer shell is constructed with Ripstop Nylon (the nylon tents are made out of), lined in a smooth non snagging nylon for the most comfort to your dog and the poly-fil insulating inner layer keeps your dog's temperature at a good comfortable level while protecting him from the elements. Coat is not heavy, thick or bulky making it a perfect addition to your dog's wardrobe.  Secures with Velcro underneath your dog that is lined and insulated and with an adjustable buckle in the front.  Once secured in the front, simply leave secured and slip over your dog's head for a simple and quick put on.

Small Dog Winter Coats for Dogs


Machine Washable: Secure Velcro of the coat and wash both in cold or cool water delicate cycle and air dry to prevent shrinkage. No fabric softener, no bleach. For best care, hand wash.


Coat: Ripstop Nylon Outer, Poly-fil Inner, Nylon lining.

Neck Warmer: Cotton Poly Blend Polar Fleece.


Colors: Neck Warmer: Camo.  Coat: Black.

Sizes: Small Dogs: Jack Russells, Bichons, French Bulldogs, Whippets. LARGER BREED PUPPIES: Pit-bulls, Boxers, Labradors, Goldens, Poodles, Pointers & any other breeds fitting within the sizing ranges for this garment. 

Listed measurements are in inches.

Breed & weight listed for reference only.

Size selections based on dog's measurements not sizing label.

Listed is the back length of dog. Garment length on dog will vary dog to dog lending to ideal fit.

Listed is the garment neck warmer length, may be bunched or folded.

CHEST 16-25
NECK 9-12
WEIGHT < 20 lbs.
BREED Small Breeds & Puppies.
CHEST 20-28
NECK 13-16
WEIGHT 20-40 lbs.
BREED Smaller Breeds & Larger Breed Puppies.

Sizing Instructions

You may be assured that when properly measuring your dog in accordance to the sizing instructions on each product page and pairing with a corresponding size on the product sizing chart (if one is available to accommodate your dog's measurements) that ALL of our items will fit your dog as intended and described by us.

Sizing Your Pet

You will need a soft measuring tape - don't have one? To measure your pet you will need a soft measuring tape. You can likely pick one up at your local dollar store! A hardware measuring tape will not produce accurate measurements.

What to Measure With


Dog Clothing Measurements:
In order to find the right size of clothing for your dog, please complete the following measurements with a soft measuring tape.

Sizing Your Pet

1."Girth/Chest" Size of your dogs chest, measurement all the way round the broadest part of the chest. 

--> For a thick coat, add up to an inch to the chest & neck measurements.

2."Back" Length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Measurement from the base of the neck to base of tail (just before tail starts). *For some dogs, the base of the tail may be hard to see, feeling for where the tail begins on your dog's back may be required.

3."Neck" a comfortable distance around your dog's neck. For collars, the neck size is where the collar will sit on your dog's neck. For clothing, this is the lower part of the neck. The neck base is the lower part of the neck.

4."Head" measurement all the way around your dog's head in front of ears and around to under chin.

5."Legs" see Leg Warmer Section below.

Measuring Your Pet:

The best determination can only be made if the actual pet is being measured and manufacturer recommendations are being followed. Please buy our clothing according to your pet's measurements, not the clothing label size.

Often, we will list with sizing examples breeds and approximate weight ranges. Breed and weight information is listed for guidance only, please choose proper size based on measurements.

--> Please make sure that your pet is standing tall, head up, and back straight (not curled or curved from fear of what you are doing to him). You won't get accurate measurements if the dog is sitting or lying down. * For some breeds, such as Greyhounds, the neck base location may be difficult to determine when head is up... tilting the head down a bit is then recommended.


**NOT ALL PETS OR PET CLOTHING ARE CREATED EQUALLY!** carries clothing lines from many different designers that often have very different sizing scales, even one designer often has different size scales for many of their designs. We highly recommend that you read all sizing information for each piece of clothing to ensure you get the best fit for your pet. Often, we will list with sizing examples breeds and approximate weight ranges. Breed and weight information is listed for guidance only, please choose proper size based on measurements.

Ordering for a puppy? Order based on your puppy's current measurements only - do not attempt to select a size that your puppy may be! A size or two larger than current size may not be in proportion to the size of your puppy once full grown. If you order now for your puppy, please only expect it to fit for a short time before you have to reorder for proper sizing again.

Pairing Measurements to a Corresponding Size:

Once you have determined necessary measurements for a particular garment it will be necessary to pair to a corresponding size if one is available for your dog's measurements. Each of your dog's measurements must fall within the listed measurement or measurement range for any available size to ensure proper fit.

IMPORTANT: If your dog's measurements fall within chest girth ranges for a particular size but not within the back length of said size, proper fit will not be achieved. Only order when ALL of the required measurements fall within all measurement or measurement range listings for any of our products.

Desiring a tighter or looser fit than intended by our designers:

While it is strongly recommended that you follow our sizing charts and recommendations to ensure proper fit for your dog, for garments such as hoodies or t-shirts you may want a tighter or looser fit for your dog than the fit that is intended for that garment. 

When deciding to select one size larger or one size smaller than recommended a good guide to use is the increments of sizing ranges for that particular garment. Smaller ranged incremented sizing items are more suitable for this than that of larger ranged incremented items.  


Chest girth range 32"-34" hoodie being recommended size. A size up with a 33"-36" chest girth range may work as desired in obtaining a more relaxed fit whereas moving up from a coat chest girth range of 30"-38" to 38"-46" will not. This type of size range will not give desired looser fit, rather will result in a garment that does not fit at all.

Leg Warmers:

To determine proper size, with a soft measuring tape, simply measure around your dog's lower leg and upper leg to ensure your dog's leg measurements are in range with item size.

--> Each size will fit many breeds of many weights and sizes... short haired to furry... They can be worn bunched on lower part of leg to full height, worn over elbow to thigh on most dogs. Work well on back legs, too. May be worn at the ankle, over the ankle or lower & relaxed over the paw a bit.

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